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Our Services

We provide a full suite of services for a seamless, stress-free driving experience.

New Tire Sales

Explore Our Diverse Tire Selection

Whether you’re looking for high-performance tires, all-season options, or specific brands, our extensive selection has something for every vehicle and budget.
Used Tire Sales

Quality Options, Affordable Prices

For those seeking quality tires at a fraction of the cost, our used tire inventory provides dependable options inspected for safety and performance.
Tire Balancing

Precision Balance for Smooth Rides

Properly balanced tires are essential for optimal driving dynamics and longevity. Our expert technicians use advanced equipment to ensure your tires are perfectly balanced for a comfortable ride.


Tire Repairs

Swift Solutions for Punctures

Got a punctured tire? Don’t let it deflate your plans. Our skilled team can quickly assess and repair tire damage to get you back on the road safely.

TPMS Sensor Services

Effortless Tire Pressure Monitoring

Keep track of your tire pressure effortlessly with our TPMS sensor services. We offer installation, maintenance, and diagnostics to ensure your monitoring system is always accurate.
Tire Rotation

Extend Tire Lifespan with Rotation

Maximize the lifespan of your tires and promote even wear with our professional tire rotation service. Our technicians follow manufacturer guidelines to maintain optimal tire performance.



Fast, great service! In and out in less than 20 min to get a used tire for our vehicle after getting a flat— they had a great quality tire of the exact type we needed, filled up all our tires, and helped us bag up our spare! If you’re looking for a good quality used tire and great service on the fly, along with a great price, definitely go to Flex! Thank you for your awesome service!

Josefa Linnell
Great service, got there trying to solve my problem after visiting two placer near them and Flex Tires were able to gime me a better price, fast service and amazing customer service experience. They also speak, Spanish and Portuguese.
Joaco Fuertes

Been here a couple of times for used tires. Very kind people and great customer service! Was in and out in 10 minutes and can’t beat the prices! Owner is very nice….highly recommend!

Leah Johnston